Ebola, ISIS, Clickbait, and the State of News Media

I feel as though news media has lost its credibility. It’s a system design to get folks to simply click and react, feeding on our impulsive nature as human beings.

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On the news side the problem is that it’s a system is designed not to deliver the truth, reality, or anything of genuine importance. Rather, it’s setup to get folks to click, and simply react. Simply feeding on our impulsive nature as human beings. Continue reading

Finding a Job During a Recession

A consistent challenge it seems among Millennials is unemployment. I read (via different reports and stories) that there’s 10-20% unemployment.

Okay, so 1-2 out of 10 can’t land a position. So what is it that the 80-90% are doing right that the other 10-20% aren’t?

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I’ve listened to some news about how, “You have a college degree, you should be able to get a job!” or “I applied to 200 jobs but only got one interview and didn’t get the position.”

I’m thinking, why’d you stop at 200? And, why not approach recession proof jobs? Continue reading